Thursday, March 10, 2011


200 >>>>>>>>>>

/// GIVEAWAY \\\ /// GIVEAWAY \\\ /// GIVEAWAY \\\

So this is my 200th blog post and on the 22nd of March this little blog will be 2 years old.
I have decided to mark the occasion with a little Birthday present. I have put together a package of fun little things, a mixture of old and new, silly and sensible, useless and useful. Good friends of mine would all tell you how much I love to put together packages for people. Usually I know who I am sending the package to and I make it to suit them. In this case I have tried to fill it with things that I would love. If you like The Clutter, I hope you'll like this package.

Click on the photo to see it bigger.

Inside I have packed...

A panda.
Silly glasses.
A spinning top.
A handkerchief.
A peanut eraser.
A marbled pencil.
A flick knife comb.
A pencil on a string.
A small paper garland.
4 Chinese bull dog clips.
An Oak leaf cookie cutter.
Some chocolate lady birds.
Some cocktail stick animals.
A French knitting gentleman.
A vintage Pelikan Bakelite box.
3 vintage paper cigarette bags.
A packet of paints for Easter eggs.
2 silly paper faces from Kathmandu.
A vintage match box with daisies on it.
Little paper box with a nice sticker on it.
A vintage paper book, "The ABC of Hygiene".
2 vintage pins, 1 little hat and 1 rye bread package.
A vintage Charlie Brown PEZ despenser (and some PEZ).

Leave a comment on this blog post (perhaps take the opportunity to ask me a question) and I will draw a winner on the 22nd. I might even make a couple of tiny runner up packages too. Anyone should be able to comment, you don't need a blogger account.

I've also decided to mark this occasion with a promise. I've always assumed that this blog has a microscopic readership. I blogged purely for myself and a couple of friends and if it was enjoyed by anyone else, that was just a happy accident. I had used this assumption as an excuse for laziness. I promise that from now on I will take my blog a little more seriously. This does NOT mean the posts will be any less silly, just that I plan to be more responsible when it comes to linking the sources of the images I use. I am also going back through my blog a little each day and trying to add links where they have been missing. I would like to say sorry to anyone who has spotted their work on my blog with out a credit. Get in touch and I will sort it out. (gemma.budden[at]

And, I have another surprise for you tomorrow. Very very excited about this one.


Alec Rossiter said...

You should really work as a prop master. x

Paul Feigelfeld said...

Safe to say, The Clutter made me do it.

jane heidi said...


(ich finde auch, verzeihung die beeinflussung, paul würde die wunderkiste sehr gut stehen.)

PDD Smith said...

The table of contents for the prize looks like a concrete poem but what it resembles is another question altogether. A bell? A hooded figure? Or Something best not mentioned in polite conversation?

millo said...

I would love to receive a package of fun little things!!


jessica said...

so many beautiful sweet things in here, love the glass shadows on your new blog as well.

Haniya Rae said...

super cute packaging...

Snuggletooth said...

Really beautiful idea!

Emily Robin said...

I don't know you, but I found this on my tumblr dashboard. Nice work! I love your delicate, adorable packaging. Where do you find items in your intentional collection of clutter?

heavy puff said...

I just heard of your blog through jessica ^ there and I really love it. the fact that you wrapped every teeny thing is almost too cute to handle. i have the same motivation for blogging as you, for myself and a few friends. for me it feels safer that way hah.

Casey said...

What a lovely blog. I wish you were on Tumblr so I could follow you! I'll just have to check back often and hope I can catch on quickly to how Blogspot works. c:

christine said...

the clutter for the win! your little blog goes a long way.

Júlía said...

Beautiful things, beautiful thoughts.


kristina said...

This package looks very very nice!

lina said...

i've just stumbled across your beautiful blogs via mieke willems' blog : ) how lovely it is! this package is brilliant & i would love to win it. happy 200!

gina said...

Right up my alley! I'm
the surprise ball maker...
we should do a swap. :^)

beverly said...

I found this blog through another blog and I think it's great. I like Clutter.

carlotta said...

i was baking leaf cookies with peanuts
drinking a panda cocktail –
when a french knitting gentleman
accompanied by chinese bull frogs
burst into my kitchen.
where are the ladybirds –
he shouted.
i pulled my knife
- he shrank back -
and arranged my hair.
meanwhile the ladybirds crambled long the marbelled pencil
and arrived in the pelikan
safely. hidden.
in deep anger about his impolitement
i glued the french knitting no longer gentleman
on a kitchen chair
using some cocktail stick animals
and fixed him with the string of a pencil on a string.
unable to move
i first read him the ABC og hygiene
then painted his easter eggs blue.
i sucked a sweet from my pez suspenser
to calm myself.
some other little things followed.
the two silly paper faces from kathmandu still couldn’t stop laughing.

Gemma said...

Carlotta you are a GENIUS!!!
And Gina I would love love love to do a swap!
Thank you all for your lovely comments. I'll draw the winner on Tuesday.

gina said...

Let's talk after the draw!
So long winter.
HELLO spring!

ps The candies are killing me. :^)

mieke willems said...

oh! i'm still on time! didnt realise you could win this! would be fantasic! what a brilliant package!!!! fingers crossed!

Gemma said...

Coco picked a winner. But could you ALL please send me your addresses!

gina said...

e or snail?

Gemma said...

e mail me your snail mail and I'll pop something in the post. But it might take me awhile.

Comfort and Joy said...

I love your Blog, With your permission I want to read the poem And on that tree there was a limb on my weekly radio show. Of course I would give the web site were I found it. Thank you

Gemma said...

Hello Comfort and Joy. Thank you for the compliment. The poem that I think you mean is from the original Wicker man film. The children and their teacher sing it while dancing around the Maypole. Of course you can read it.