Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have a happy May Day


And on that tree there was a limb
and on that limb there was a branch
and on that branch there was a nest
and in that nest there was an egg
and in that egg there was a bird
and on that bird a feather came
and on that feather was a bed
and on that bed there was a girl
and on that girl there was a man
and from that man there was a seed
and from that seed there was a boy
and from that boy there was a man
and for that man there was a grave
and on that grave there grew a tree

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Definitely go and see the rest of the Balloon guy's work.

I stole these bunnies from here.

Oh, and definitely go ***HERE*** and kill a couple of hours.

The Dream

Last night I had a really upsetting dream, so this morning I left reality behind and comforted myself with a daydream of a possible life not too far, but far enough away from mine.

I'm wearing Christoper Kane, Rodarte, ChloƩ or Dries Van Noten.

One of these is my house

My bedroom is simple and comfortable

While the other rooms are maximal

I look out at the view while I take a bath

I have Brad Phillips paintings and John Copeland drawings on my walls

In my garden I have a swimming pool and a tame lion who comes to hang out

Also in the garden is my tree house-studio

Obviously these two are here with me

My Mum and Dad are coming round for homemade lasagne and brownies and ice cream and then we'll all go for a walk to the beach just around the corner.