Sunday, May 3, 2009


I can't help but notice Cacti every where at the moment and I think I'm seeing more and more all the time. I think that this Summer will be the summer of the cactus. To me they're stoical and strong and capable of defending themselves, practically self-sufficient, seemingly heat resistant and yet not too unfriendly, not without a sense of humour. They represent characteristics that I'd like to see in myself and that are especially relevant in times of viruses, recession and global warming.

Maybe it's just an aesthetic thing. They're so unique and occasionally silly and colourful. Whatever the explanation, my instinct tells me that Cacti will be this year what Mushrooms and Toadstools have been for the last few years. (obviously I don't mean in an edible way, although it has just occurred to me that both certain mushrooms and certain cacti are hallucinogenic.)

Does this post make any sense to anyone except me?

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