Friday, April 24, 2009

Ethnologisches Museum

Almost 4 years in this city and only now do I discover Dahlem.
I want to move into the Ethnographic Museum.

This transparent anorak is made of seal intestines. Ingenious.

Cannibal forks
Apparently human flesh was consumed on special occasions in Viti (I can't remember where exactly Viti is, but it was in the South Sea section of the museum).
"One such occasion was the feast following a victorious armed conflict. As an offering to the gods, slain enemies were consumed by high ranking persons and priests, for they alone were essentially equal to the gods. Men of lower standing and women were generally forbidden to savour human flesh. Human flesh was a divine offering and thus was treated with mindful measures. It was never consumed in raw state nor handled with the fingers; a special fork was designed for this purpose."

My camera doesn't do the colours of the display cases justice at all.

Last two are postcards. I spent about half an hour trying to photograph feather covered toothy guy (above) but his glass cabinet was too reflective, so I was really pleased to spot him on the postcard rack in the bookshop.

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